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About us...

Revelstoke Screen Smart is a public education initiative to teach responsible digital citizenship and to provide resources for the people of Revelstoke.   The Revelstoke Screen Smart Committee consists of community members from the Okanagan Regional Library, School District 19, Revelstoke Child Care Society, Revelstoke Youth Liaison, Community Connections and Revelstoke Early Childhood Development Committee.

Revelstoke Screen Smart endeavors to:

  • provide families with current, research-based information about technology use

  • provide tools to help prevent overuse

  • encourage positive, creative ways to use technology

  • promote and organize healthy low-and no-barrier events as an alternative to screens.

We collaborate with SD19, Ecole des Glaciers and other community organizations such as the Fab Lab, Okanagan College, the Early Childhood Development Committee and the Senior's Centre.  

The Resources page is a current online source of screen smart resources.  The Revelstoke branch of the Okanagan Regional Library houses a permanent collection of screen smart resources and materials, including books on learning to code, tools for teens to manage online bullying and tips for families on media management.

Through Screen Smart, elementary schools in Revelstoke are using the “Passport to the Internet” and “A Day in the Life of the Jos” media literacy / digital citizenship resources, as well as Digital Smarts and Media Smarts programs.

And the icing on the cake is Screen Smart Summer!  This is a time to celebrate all the other things we can do besides spend time in front of screens. All events are free, full of prizes and organized by volunteers throughout our community. Stay tuned, and join us for some exciting community events in summer 2021! 

Media Smart Tip


Evaluating Websites: 

  • Is the website cluttered with ads? 

  • Is the website current?  When was the source last updated?

  • Is the website intended to inform or spread an agenda?

  • Are there spelling mistakes in the website text?

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